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Welcome, Fall November 10, 2007 05:00

Hooray! It's November. Red and yellow leaves are on the sidewalk, hot cider is brewing, and new Blogs are about! I can't tell you how exciting it is to be launching this. I must thank Nicolette Davenport for setting this up, and then showing me how to run it, which is about as easy as teaching a skunk to run it.

Nicolette - "...and this is the button that edits the text...Hey! Get back here."

Skunk - "Nak! Urpf. Nah, nah."

Nicolette - "You're the one that wanted a website. Put down the pizza and beer."

Skunk - "Nurf." (Drinking sounds) "Ahhhh."

Nicolette - "You're not paying me enough."

Skunk - "This costs money?" (Burping sounds) "Ahhhhh."

Anyway, here it is. Welcome! -Chris S.