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Monday update - what's going on? April 7, 2008 13:33

So here's the deal - I'm gonna be a little late this week, and plan to post the new Kiskaloo on Wednesday - I know, I know, I'm lame and disgusting. But I'm not entirely without news. So what's the deal with the green girl? Well, sit back and I'll tell you a tale! Every time I've traveled to Hawaii, I've been so in love with the place and the people I've met, and like everyone else I want to bring home something that I could set on my desk that would remind me of the good times I had. In particular, I've been looking for the perfect dashboard hula girl. I have a little collection of them, but the thing is, they're all from Ebay, because it seems like the really cute ones haven't been made since the 50's and 60's. Now I could be missing something, but the ones I've found recently have such harsh angles, and are just lacking warmth and grace. And the skirts are made from this crinkly plastic that's blue and green and red and such.

So I told myself that if I got the chance I'd make one of my own, that would have the softer angles and the cloth skirts that are on the old ones. So here's my take on that. This is the prototype of my first Hula girl, which will have a spring under her skirt and a base that looks like a sandy beach. She's green because of the matrix used in the prototyping printer. The base is missing in this picture, and we're hunting for a skirt that's longer, as this one is more of a mini skirt that wouldn't hide the spring. I'll post a tinted version later, that will give a better impression of the finished piece. Oh, and my hats are off to Johnny Fisk of  Atomic Monkey, and Bear Williams who did the sculpt!