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SD Comic Con July 26, 2008 18:51

Maile's of Comic Con 2008


So another Comic Con has come and gone, and this one seemed to go faster than ever.  Partly it’s because I decided to try and do some drawings for sale this year.  I think I managed to get like, seven done over two days.

And of course, I didn’t use my Blog for what it’s for – namely letting people know where my booth was. This is because I’m oficially an idiot, and didn’t exactly know where my booth was till I showed up and saw it myself.  Anyway, I’m back and Kiskaloo has it’s new site, thanks to Nicolette.  Oh, the vinyls you see above are the new colors that came in just before Con.  We have a lot more that are in Long Beach, waiting to be transferred to storage, and we’ll be seling them on the site.  I’ll color-correct the picture later so you can see the colors more like they really are.  The store on the site is scheduled to open in less than a month, and I’ll keep everyone up to date on that.  Until then, here is a picture of me drawing, which I’m sure you will find fascinating, and one of the sketches I did while I was there.

Oh! Be sure and see the new site if you haven’t already!  It’s easy to find –  http://www.kiskaloo.com