The Lost Boards part 8 February 5, 2013 11:44

From the beginning, I was clear about my intention of getting at least some of the Croods onto the tusks of a speeding mammoth.  Through diligence and occasionally pretending I didn't hear things, I achieved this goal.  In the finished film the ENTIRE Crood clan is momentarily collected on the front of the runaway beast.  But in this early version it was only Thunk, Grug and Eep.

If you've been following past posts, this is part of the original hunting sequence where Eep wasn't allowed to join in.  You'll notice that the vampire rabbits and tiger come and go - this is due to a revision I made where I added the tiger and rabbits, but didn't have time to convert all the drawings.  In this sequence we were establishing a rather modern situation - that of a son being pressured to follow in his father's footsteps.  Eep knows the truth, that Thunk doesn't want to be a hunter, and is urging him to come clean with their dad.  But every time Thunk turns to Grug he maintains his glowing façade of enthusiasm for hunting.  Grug in turn, is ignoring some big clues that his son isn't exactly "hunting material."

Frustrated by these two lunk-headed men, Eep steps off the mammoth and digs her heels into the ground, bringing the dysfunctional episode to a spectacular finish as the mammoth crashes into a field of exploding cactuses.

I didn't include the crash - too many drawings.  Maybe later.