The Lost Boards part 5 January 30, 2013 13:57

In every version of the film Guy is waylaid by the Croods.  Guy is human 2.0.  Unlike the Croods, he can use tools and make fire.  He is also physically weaker than a Crood, even a Crood child.  Hence, if a Crood wants to keep Guy around, Guy will be staying.  In this scene Guy is being forced to accompany Eep on a prehistoric date.  Her idea of a good time is watching things sink in tar pits.  The date is not going well.

But the real point of these two boards is that they both contain an early version of Guy, who used to be a bit of a hippie.  Thankfully, we changed that.

This is a little snippet where Guy tries to flee from the Croods.  Eep overtakes him with ease, and proceeds to ask him questions.  Again, mostly here for the hippie of it all.  Note the creepy vest.  And the hippie shoulder bag.  This was before he got his sloth.  The fourth panel is cleaner than the others because if I ever get the chance I try and make a drawing pretty.  One out of every hundred or so.  For these I sometimes switch from a China Marker to a black Polychromos.