The Lost Boards part 2 January 22, 2013 12:12

Something I forgot to mention yesterday, which is that observant readers might have noticed the big stone menu suddenly changed into a flat rock after the first few panels.  I'm pretty sure that the flat stone menu came first, and then I decided that since it was a menu, it should look more like a menu.  So I changed the first few drawings.

Anyway, today's offering is from the same sequence.  In the opening minutes of The Croods we need to get an idea of what life is like for our caveman family.  In early development days we had the men out hunting and the women gathering.  This didn't mean that the women had things any easier than the men.  This was a little sequence where Eep is picking berries.  The plan here was to have Eep doing battle with an extremely aggressive flytrap-ish botanical.  Eep likes this sort of stuff, she's probably the most aggressive and certainly the most fearless of the Crood family.

I draw these panels with a black china marker, which is a crude sort of drawing instrument - basically a giant crayon.  It keeps things fast, as sharp detail is impossible.  There are a mixture of finishes in this sequence.  The first five panels are a second-pass over my initial rough drawings.  Panel six, through thirteen are my first rough sketches.  If I had more time I would have cleaned these up to look more like the others, but they are a good example of the sort of energy I want to capture in my drawings.  It's pretty obvious I didn't spend much time on them, probably less that fifteen to thirty seconds.  A second pass will take more like three to ten minutes per drawing, depending on the complexity.  Panel 21 took about ten, as I wanted to clearly describe how Eep was using her body weight and leverage to subdue the plant.