So much happening so fast. March 19, 2010 18:45

January 5 at 6:58am
Getting ready to drive to Pacific Palisades to listen to the score for our movie. No doubt, this is the best part of the whole process.

January 9 at 8:31am
Spending the day at Skywalker Ranch with sound designers and foley girls.

Nice day at the ranch.

January 11 at 7:00am
Swilling coffee and getting ready to go to the Warner Brothers lot for loop group. I need to look pretty this week as all the press stuff is starting. On Thursday I will opt for the shorts and sailors cap. And those shiny KISS boots I bought in London.

January 17 at 11:17am
Lounging at the lounge. Biding my time before I hit Burger King and board my flight with a hot fresh Whopper on my person.

To hell with the peanuts!

January 17 at 3:14pm
Austn wheels down. I like Austin so far.

Austin. Now.

January 17 at 4:50pm
I just noticed this. Sitting in my room is a plate of chocolate. And in it is this teeny little chocolate version of our movie's poster. How cool is that? I shall eat it up before I check out.














January 18 at 3:48pm
By the way, when in Austin drop by the Alamo theater for food and drink while you watch.


Leaving Austin for NY. See ya!

January 18 at 6:02pm
Changing planes in Chicago. Then off to NY. Need Pizza badly.

January 19 at 5:29pm
My vista view from the Mandarin Oriental lounge. This bartender makes a mean Gimlet.

January 22 at 3:57am
On the stage in London. This studio is an old church. All drums today.

January 22 at 6:28am
I'm sitting up above the drummers in the choir loft at the church. Doing some drawings in my journal as they lay down the drum tracks.

One more angle that shows the huge organ pipes still in place.

January 23 at 2:15am

Another view of the choir.
The 50+ mens choir. Recording right now.

January 23 at 3:57am
When I'm in the balcony, this is my view. I sit and draw up here while everybody sings.















January 25 at 1:21pm
Turning in after a day at the recording studio. Amazing music today. Amazing. Thank you, John Powell.

January 30 at 1:27pm
Packing up to leave London tomorrow AM. Just when I got used to people driving on the other side of the street. Gave a visit to Big Ben today. Jack the Ripper tour last night. I haven't been that cold since I was in Mammoth.

March 5 at 7:07am
Okay, I have to get back to posting. So much happening so fast. Movie opens on the 26th. I'll be traveling cross country next week. I'll fly into Denver Sunday morning, and will leave again Monday night. Anyone free for dinner? I think I have Sunday evening and afternoon free.

March 5 at 8:53pm
I checked my itinerary, and I'm screening the film in Denver at about 1:00. Then I have some interviews and I'll be done around 4:00 Sunday.

March 7 at 6:57am
Hey, my airplane just arrived. Denver, here I come.

I like the United colors.

March 8 at 4:44am
Its almost seven in the morning in Denver. I start and end my day with a television broadcast - which means I'll be at the two lowest points on the energy curve on live TV - what could possibly go wrong?

March 9 at 5:25am
I'll be on Good Morning Texas this morning - all I need is coffe to prep for that.

March 9 at 12:29pm
Departing Dallas for DC. Such a fast day.

March 9 at 3:57pm
I'm wrapped in luxury at the Ritz-Carlton in Georgetown. Heading out to the Exorcist steps.

Oh, and my coffee this morning. I just thought the colors and composition were nice. I shot this during a phone interview.
Ready for the jump to Miami.

March 10 at 7:22pm

Okay, I rarely do this, but I just arrived at the Mandarin Oriental in Miami and had to share my view.

March 12 at 5:33am
I'm looking out a window over a rainy Toronto. Actually quite beautiful. I'll be interviewing today and then heading back to LA early this afternoon. It will be good to get back home.