Nimue production photos! November 28, 2013 11:27

Well, as the holiday season is officially opened and all, I wanted to catch everyone up on that swell mermaid statue. Things at the factory are going well, and the first wave of Nimue is nearing completion. Everything has been running smoothly and on time, we're happy to report. For everyone who got in on the pre-order, your statues will be the first to ship when completed. We did the whole pre-order so that we could gauge what ratios we would need of the different versions - blonde and green. Once we understood those ratios we closed the ordering and went into production.  As soon as every last mermaid has been painted, numbered, boxed, and the pre-orders have been delivered, we'll open up ordering again. By waiting for completion we'll know exactly how many statues of each color remain in stock and we'll be able to load those numbers into the store's inventory.

When that time comes we'll notify everyone through our Facebook page and this blog that ordering has opened again.

Anyway, here are a few photos of the work in progress. Happy Thanksgiving!