Mug alert! July 17, 2012 10:31

Okay, so I tweeted about this yesterday, but I wanted to get this out on my Blog and DA as well.  There were two batches of the Ogo mugs made before the Con.  The first one had some rather large defects, and so a second run was ordered.  This was the first, defective version.


The second batch was perfect, and it promptly sold out in San Diego.

I was surprised then, when an Ebay seller suddenly had more than ten Ogo mugs for sale.  On closer examination of the sellers photo we saw that it was in fact, a mug from that bad batch.  Note the similarity.  The easiest way to tell is that the eye patch is solid black.

I had considered destroying that batch, and now, in retrospect, I really should have spent an afternoon in my driveway with a beer hat and a hammer.  But now those defective mugs are out there.  About a hundred of them.  Curiously, in the description, this seller decided these mugs were originally sold at the 2007 Con.  Why they chose that one is a mystery, as I would have to have been so bumbling that I would sell badly made mugs of my own character, but I would also have to be so clever that I could build a time machine and instead of going back to Dallas so I could wait at Dealey Plaza and yell to JFK that his shoe was untied, causing him to lean over and thus saving his life, I instead opted to travel back to San Diego to distribute coffee mugs.

Anyway, I Tweeted about the bad mugs, and magically the Ebay picture updated itself with this one -

Now, I guess it's possible this seller got busy last night and fixed the mugs with White-Out and a really small brush and then went to my kitchen and shot a new picture.   But I think if you buy this mug you're still gonna get the other one.   I'm not mentioning the seller or their location because, you know, finders keepers.  They can sell the mugs if they want to, and anyone can buy them.  Especially people who like cats with solid eye patches and black tails.

So this whole thing has prompted us to order another run of the correct mugs, and get them up on the net as soon as possible.  The run will take about two to four weeks, and as soon as they arrive I'll offer them for sale.  Until then, beware the Ogo mug - there may be good ones for sale that came from the San Diego Con, but batches of over ten are unlikely as we sold no more than three to any one person.  So, note the picture on this Ebay page - it's the same one I shot and posted on this blog.  If someone is selling the genuine article it's likely they'll shoot a picture of their own mug sitting on their own desk.

Enough about that.  On to other things - have a great day!