Croods Update - The Lost Boards part 1 January 22, 2013 11:16

As I write this I am at Skywalker Sound in the Kurosawa stage where we are working on the final sound mix for The Croods.  This means I have a bit of time to finally get this Blog going again - and not a moment too soon!  Croods is due to be released on March 22.

I drove up from Los Angeles so I could have my bicycle here.  On weekdays I ride from the inn where I stay on property, to the tech building and back again.  On the weekend I punish myself by going into San Francisco and riding up hills till I barf.  More on that later.

This morning I am publishing some deleted story panels from the movie.  I have a big box of them - I'm still in the dark ages when it comes to boarding which means all of my panels are still on paper rather than in a computer file.  This is a little series where Grug, the caveman father is getting ready for an early morning hunt with his son, Thunk.  On the outskirts of their hunting grounds there used to be a massive menu, which I imagined had been there for generations.  With only two items, it isn't really much of a choice.  After picking what they'll be trying to find, Grug leads Thunk over to another rock.  This one depicts all the things that they need to steer clear of - all the things that can kill them.  There are more things in the Crood world that can hurt you than can feed you.  Pretty much everything on that rock is in the movie, with the exception of the exploding cactus on the upper right of the painting.

I really miss the exploding cactus.

Then Grug and Thunk move on to choosing their hunting tools, which consist of either a stick or a rock - the idea behind all of this was to show how spare their caveman lives are.  Grug and Thunk do a round of Rock, Paper, Scissors to determine who gets what, but since there is still no Paper or Scissors, they each choose Rock and their match ends in a draw.  So in the end, Grug flips Thunk like a coin.

The only bit of this that survived was the coin toss, which is still in the film.  Only instead of flipping his son, Grug flips his mother-in-law.