Crood Odds and Ends January 24, 2013 13:04

I promise I'll post finished drawings again after I get back to Los Angeles.  For now I'll continue to dig around in my drawing box.  The first drawing is the start of some marketing ideas I was drawing up featuring Sandy and the big Macawnivore.  We have a collection of animals in the Croods that are combination-creatures.  In this case it's a Macaw and a Saber-Toothed Tiger.  We moved the teeth around so they face forward like tusks, and borrowed the parrot colors for his fur.  He's the only animal I designed - most credit for our wonderful creatures goes to Shane Prigmore, Carter Goodrich, Takao Noguchi, and Shannon Tindle.  Takao would go the extra step and would model our characters, practically overnight.  When he presented them he would typically reveal that he'd thrown in some rigging so that the creatures could do some rudimentary things like smile or move their legs.

I wish we could release our characters like we saw them on his computer screen.  Before they were covered with fur they looked like collectible vinyl toys.

Anyway, some of the following things are in the movie, some are not.  The vampire rabbits are, but appear only briefly.  We call them Jackrobats.  Names like Liotes (Lizard Coyote), Jackrobats (Jackrabbit Bat), and Macawnivores are never mentioned in the movie, but they are occasionally given other names by the cavemen.  In the case of the Macawnivore, he was dubbed Chunky by the grandmother.