Christmas scribbles December 22, 2007 13:02

Okay, so I'm trying to get a Christmas drawing done before Christmas, and this is the preliminary sketch. Why am I trying to do this so close to Christmas when it clearly has no use as a Christmas card or anything else? I don't know. It's just that I haven't drawn anything for a while and I really should. That and Santa is watching me of course, and I need to impress him.

To the untrained this looks more like a big mess. The untrained would be correct. The only part I like is the reindeer in the middle, and I'll need to see if I can pull him out and do something with him. I'm posting this as a way to shame myself into finishing this. If don't finish it before Christmas, then I'll remove it and pretend it was never here. And if you mention you saw it I'll just stare at you like you're crazy, but really you'll know I know you know I know you saw it and it will be really weird and all. So I should probably just finish it.