Cave Girl Drawing September 24, 2012 08:35

As you can probably imagine, I've been drawing a lot of cave related things the last few years.  Cave bats, cave bears, cave centipedes, etc.  Put the word "cave" in front of anything and it changes everything.  The next time you can't think of what to draw, try it.  Cave Christmas.  Cave unicycle.  Cave birthday party.   You get the picture.

This was drawn as an invitation to a Croods dinner.  I wish the cavegirl's menu had been more cavey, but I ran out of time.  Earlier in the making of this movie we did have a caveman menu.  I was quite fond of it, and it made several appearances in my storyboards before ultimately being dropped for good.  My caveman menu varied in its appearance, but it was always huge.  In its simplest form it was a series of things painted on an outdoor rock wall.  The cavemen would gather around it to choose what they would try and hunt for dinner.  In it's final form it was two huge slabs of rock, angled against each other like an open menu.  It dwarfed the people that used it.  There were only two things pictured, one per page.  On the first, a bird, on the other, an egg.  Presumably the bird was the same one that had laid the egg.  The point being that there were few options in the Croods' world, all of them being pretty simple.  The more subtle message was that the Croods didn't have a strong hold on life - if that bird ever disappeared the Croods wouldn't be far behind.

This drawing would represent a slightly different take on the Crood world.  A slightly more comfortable version.

Cave girl on her way to dinner.