Again? December 17, 2007 11:39

Oh jeeze, another mermaid. As a Christmas gift to all of mankind I'll stop drawing mermaids after the first of the year. I sketched this one a month ago, and liked her expression. After losing it and then finding it again, I threw some color on it. Almost literally, as I think this took three minutes. I just wanted to see it rough. I like her in green. I think she should be darker, but you get the idea. There are two reasons for this - the original Star Trek series convinced me girls should also come in either green or sky blue, but mostly I want to paint a girl in green because years ago in Maui I saw the most beautiful painting of a girl rendered entirely in green.

I went to see it every day, especially the day there was a jellyfish alert and no one could go in the water so I drank and visited the painting until I realized jellyfish couldn't kill a kayak so I rented one and went out amongst the jellyfish. I slid the kayak through and over their teeming selves. It was like being in a bowl of those glass-clear noodles that come in soup, all tangled and delicious looking. The point of all this is they crowded around the kayak and asked me to come play with them, using their tentacles like tiny hands to beckon me into the water. I knew their real plan was to sting me and pull me under and offer me to their Giant Clam Queen, who was their leader because she is really just one big mouth, and the jellyfish pretty much do whatever she tells them.