1965 December 24, 2007 13:59

I know, I know, you didn't expect to see so many photographs on this site. Anyone who knows me knows that cameras are a huge part of my life. And so are pictures. Although you'll be seeing a lot of them here, I'll always try to keep them interesting. Like this one!

So here is my Brother and I posing for a picture with my sister Dorothy who arrived December 18th, 1965.   We both have guns because Dorothy exhibited early signs of vampire-ism and we had to be prepared to shoot her if she should hiss or lunge. We may not have been aware that a bullet wouldn't kill her, but simply knock her back momentarily until she shook her tiny body and let the bullets drop out of her. Then she would giggle and fly at us again. You can see her in this picture because she's half human still, so she shows up on film. She also cast a reflection in mirrors but would bite at her image and spit poison at dolls.

As she grew up, she would spend the daylight hours attached to the underside of the coffee table you see in the picture, or sleeping up in the corner of the ceiling.