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"Chris Sanders: Sketchbook 7" paperback (SIGNED)

$ 21.00

2018's collection of rough sketches, finished inks, and colored artwork from artist Chris Sanders' personal sketchbook.

Saddle-stitch paperback; 8.5"x5.5"; 48 pages, including centerfold; SIGNED by Chris Sanders on the inside back cover.

LIMIT TWO (2) COPIES PER HOUSEHOLD. Additional sketchbook orders will be canceled and refunded. Thanks for your understanding!

All artwork © 2018 Chris Sanders (unless otherwise noted). No part of this publication may be reproduced without the written permission of Chris Sanders.


It seems like only last summer when "Sketchbook 6" was released at San Diego Comic-Con. After 2013, my wife Jess and I decided to take a break from the little art books for a while, and to throw ourselves into some fresh endeavors. Since then, I've had some new adventures, most notably co-writing on Jess's first young adult novel, "Rescue Sirens: The Search for the Atavist." I don't often get a chance to write for anything outside a script, so this was a particularly guilty pleasure! I later assisted on her first "Rescue Sirens" children's book, which also debuted in San Diego at our booth. It was nice to see new things offered at our SDCC location, including a second volume of KISKALOO comics!

Before we knew it, five years had passed since "Sketchbook 6." We thought now was a good time to sort through my boxes of drawings and pull some favorites together for a seventh sketchbook, so I loaded Jess up with mismatched sketches and inks that she had the daunting task of weaving into something coherent and compelling. Of course, the most difficult pages she had to puzzle together, 28 and 29, are my absolute favorites. Those are the little drawings I do in our planners; it gives me a chance to draw Jess every now and then, which is fun.

So here's "Sketchbook 7," and a giant thanks to Jess for literally making it happen. I love you SO!

Notable curiosities include: my first comic book cover, Peter Steigerwald's ZOOHUNTERS #3 (which Peter also colored); a couple of old favorites from about a decade ago, printed here for the first time; a few cast drawings for TV pitches; a 2014 Winter Olympics cartoon for "The Hollywood Reporter"; two years of Inktober witches; and a number of tiki girls and tigers! Enjoy!


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