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COTW x Snuggle Pups - "Call of the Wild" Buck plush

$ 36.00

Meet Buck, Harrison Ford's co-star in the 2020 "The Call of the Wild" movie!

Buck is not only the new top sled dog in town, but also a real dog adopted from a shelter by his parents, Jessica Steele-Sanders and Chris Sanders, the latter of whom is also the director of the film! Buck not only had the perfect look to become the model for the movie Buck, but his shelter name was serendipitously "Buckley"!! He was born for the role!!
Now you can bring home your own Saint Bernard/Scotch shepherd mix to keep you warm during those snowy nights in the forest.
Check out Buck's Instagram!
Check out the website of Snuggle Pups' creator, LittleSofts!

Snuggle Pups are soft, furry dog plushies perfectly sized to rest your head on or hug at night to help you fall asleep. Stay cozy all year round with your new soft friend!
This Snuggle Pup:
⭐Is about 10 inches long -- 17.5 inches long counting his luxurious tail!
Is made of soft comforting minky, faux fur, and embroidered details!
⭐Has a warm sweater that can be removed or even swapped with other Snuggle Pups!
⭐Has toe beans on every paw!
⭐Has ten million fur strands per plush (Not guaranteed)
Is a good friend (Guaranteed!!)

Preorders open from Dec 26, 2021
Expected to ship Spring 2022

Ships Internationally (as available via USPS)
Made from Polyester Materials

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