Mermaid Resin Statue: Nimue (Topless)


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Thanks for making Nimue such a success, everyone!

I’ve always kept an eye out for a mermaid sculpture that I really like. There’s a lot of them out there, but I could never find “the one.” They were either too serious, too stiff, or just not very cute. For anyone that’s had that same frustrating experience, I’m pleased to announce the arrival of Nimue, the mermaid sculpture I’ve always wanted. Nimue (that's “Nim-way”) is the first collaboration between myself and sculptor Anders Ehrenborg (, who modeled her after a mermaid drawing of mine from “Sketchbook 3.” Anders' brilliant sculpture perfectly captures the flowing lines of that original sketch, making Nimue feel as though she’s submerged in a tropical sea.

Cast of resin, Nimue stands 7.25 inches high and comes in four different versions: blonde hair with blue tail, green hair with green tail, and this topless variant of each for those of you who prefer their mermaids without shells. The topless variant is strictly limited to fifty copies, so if you have money in your piggy bank, you should probably order one now.

This item ships directly from the manufacturer starting in January 2014.

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